An applicant looking for a

Let the the AI powered Dehaze bot do all the job hunting!

It's an easy 3 step process to get your dream job.

Let the AI take care of the rest.
Step 1

Login with your favorite professional media platform e.g. linkden, github, gmail etc.

Step 2

Answer five questions with one word answers.

Step 3

Upload a video
Boom! It's that simple - sit back, relax and let your personal AI do the rest for you. Just don't forget to attend the interview :)

What’s our dream ?

De-haze is a "Placement and Staffing as a service" solution that provides a seamless experience for both the hiring manager and the applicant. The primary goal is to eliminate the gap between a hiring manager and an applicant with a seamless experience powered by dehaze AI.
Dehaze is an AI-powered job hunting tool designed to match the applicant to the respective hiring manager using complete automation. The platform enables anyone to find a job with the help of dehaze personalized bots. Dehaze is a Florida based, Platform "Professional Network and Staffing services" (PNSS) company bringing AI job hunting technology to the masses. The company began with the simple question:"How to we seamlessly connect the applicant to the hiring manager and vice-versa for free and no effort to the user?"